Dear Rob,
When something does not meet our expectations, we are quick to respond with criticism. We will write dozens of people just to be heard. However, when somthinggoes beyond our expectations, most people write no one.
On behalf of the Stambone and DeMasi family, we write you with thanks and praise for making Andrea and Joe’s wedding receptionan event that no one will forget. The food was fantistic, the service was superb, the decor was impeccable, and your staff worked endlessly. There were so many wonderful touches such as the napkins being folded every time we returned to the table, to the plentiful staff that was always there for every beck and call. The Villa Barone went above and beyond any wedding we ever attended.
Our biggest thanks go to you, Rob, for living up to your promises. You worked hard and because of your dedication, the evening was a succes. You are an asset to the Villa Barone and we want them to know it. We hope you will pass this letter on as testimony to your conscientiousness.
Congratulations for a job more than well done. We look forward to working with you again when we are ready to plan our other children’s weddings.
Very Sincerely,
Helen and Andrew Stambone.